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cultured pearl necklaceNecklace

Pearl - Cultured



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pearl necklace


Pearl - Cultured



pearl necklace


Pearl - Cultured



pearl necklace

Gallery:  William Doyle Galleries

Auction Date:  12/07/2004

Lot Number:  1507

Item:  Necklace

Type:  Pearl - Cultured

Era:  1980's

Metal:  18K

Metal Color:  Yellow

Metal Mark:  Yes

Size (inch):  18

Pennyweight:  101.4

Condition:  Very Good

Estimate:  3000-4000

Hammer Price:  $2,390.00

General Notes:  Minor wear on back of clasp.

Primary Stone: Sapphire

Certified? No

Amount:  1

Shape:  Cushion

Cut Style:  Mixed

MM Size:  13.1 x 8.49

Clarity:  VS


Cut Grade:  Good

Polish:  Good

Transparency:  TP

Gem Dialog Chart:  R2O 10 over Y2O

Gem Dialog Verbiage:  Mod saturated, mod reddish orange

Zone:  20

How Set:  Prong

Secondary Stone: Diamond

Certified? No

Amount:  34

Shape:  Round

Cut Style:  Full

MM Size:  1.84 to 2.28

Clarity:  VS

Cut Grade:  Good

Polish:  Good

Weight:  1.00

Match:  Good

Color:  White-Off White

How Set:  Bead

Pearl Count: 78

Identification:  Cultured

Full Pearl:  Full Pearl

MM Size:  10 to 13

Drilled:  Full

Pearl Shape:  Round

Pearl Color:  Cream

Dyed:  No

Overtone:  Rose & Silver

Luster:  Bright-Moderate

Nacre:  Thick

Blemishes:  Moderate

Strand Amount:  2 Graduated

How Set:  Knotted

Pearl Match:  Very Good

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